Scholarship Discipulus

Scholarship Discipulus, Latin for Student Scholarship, is an online refereed platform for Pacific University undergraduate students’ scholarly research. This open source forum is provided by invite only.

VOLUME 1, May 2020

All presentations are hyperlinked to the presentation in pdf format, click on the author for access to materials. Individual manuscripts and data are available upon request. All research involving human participants are compliant with Pacific University’s Institutional Review Board, IRB numbers are provided where applicable. All research involving non-human animals are compliant with Pacific University’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and the Oregon Zoo.

Undergraduate Thesis Presentations

Bird, K. and Island, H. (2020). A program evaluation of a Center for Gender and Sexual Equity. IRB#1172554-2. Note: This poster is a summary of a 2-year project submitted to the peer-reviewed journal, “International Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities”

McAllister, N. (2020). Stress in the Times of Corona: An Examination of Anxiety Within the Context of a Global Pandemic.

Miller, G. (2020). Reciprocal Therapy for Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Rehabilitated Race Horses.

Newberry, K., Manfredini, J. & Island, H. (2020). Parenting Opportunity and Behavioral Wellness in a Rescued, Captive North American River Otter (Lontra canadensis). IACUC Exemption, Reference#1144773-1. Note: This presentation is part of a greater project for submission to the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science.

Stevenson, M. (2020). “Don’t Panic!” Panic and Anxiety Mediation through Mindfulness Training in Scuba Instruction.

Comparative Behavior Research (PSY 224) Proposals

Durante, V. & Jones, K. (2020). Proposed Behavioral Management of Oregon Residential Coyotes (Canis latrans).

Hands, Ruz, M. (2020). Comparative Treatment Among Two Displacement Populations: Australian Wildlife in the 2019 Forest Fire and United States Undocumented Immigrants.

Manfredini, J. (2020). Comparison of Bank Erosion by Nutria (Myocastor coypus) and American Beaver (Castor canadensis) in Oregon Wetlands.

Meatte, M. & Nolasco, E. (2020). Acoustic and Behavioral Responses of the Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus) in Response to Anthropogenic Noise and Light Stimuli.

Robben Dott, M.Q. (2020). Hurt or Help? The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Lower Columbia Basin Salmon Fishery.

Research Methods/Statistics (PSY 300/301) Group Presentations

Ara, K., Cordima, E., & Lemieux, B. (2020). An Evaluation of College Students’ Self-Reported Inclusion: Recommendations for the Student Multicultural Center. IRB#1548559-1

Couchot, X., Treadway, A., & Moore, G. (2020). Gender and Sexuality Ideology Among Gen-Z College Students. IRB#1549759-1

Hesser, B., Garcia, H., Hyppolite, K., & Parades-Luna, M. (2020). Generation Z  Parenting Intention, Sustainability Attitudes, and Civic Engagement IRB#1549638-1.

Johnson, N., King, L., & Gordon, R.J. (2020). Mental Toughness, Resilience, and Grit in a CollegeStudent Sample of Athletes and Nonathletes. IRB#1549764-1

Miller, B., Durante, V., Thornburg, H., & Holtrop, H. (2020). Environmental and Health Attitudes, Knowledge, and Behavior among College Students. RB#1549675-1

Morley, D., Moser, M., Kubota, C. (2020). College Student Social Media-Use, Depression, Anxiety, and Substance-Use. IRB#1549765-1