Media Recognition

Between Us – Psychotherapy Podcast with John Totten.  Episode 7: Neurochemistry with Dr. Heide Island, December 2016.

Eye on Psi Chi, Fall 2016: Oregon Academy of Science Psi Chi Presenters, Photo, p. 33.

Oregon Brain Injury Alliance, The Headliner–Winter, 2014:  Post-Concussive Syndrome among College Students: What professionals need to know about student needs in the classroom and how to work with them – Dr. Heide Island, PhD, Pacific University

Pacific University Civic Scoop–Winter, 2014: Pacific University and an Animal Assisted Therapy Program Evaluation

The Oregonian, August 3, 2013:  Pet Talk: Nonprofit organization uses clicker training to teach kids communication skills (mentions our program evaluation of TLDL)

Latham Letters–Winter, 2014The Little Dog Laughed Animal-Assisted Therapy Program (mentions our program evaluation of TLDL)

The Oregonian, February 9, 2009, Looking for love, scientists start with the brain

The Oregonian, February 11, 2009, Uncommon Scents: What attracts the opposite sex                                               

Blog Mentions

Animal-Assisted Therapy Program Evaluation: The Little Dog Laughed, here is our shout out on their webpage


Okay this is just silliness, totally unrelated to my professional work.  But I agreed to be in a friend’s commercial and the result is this: Hasson Commercial, Dustin Pruitt


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