Trail Camera Captures Red Lynx along Baker Creek, Oregon

In the middle of the pandemic and social distancing this summer, Tom, the two dogs, and I moved from Portland to farm property along Baker Creek in McMinnville. A move that increased my drive time in weekend travels to Whidbey Island, but on my McMinnville-to-Forest Grove commute, it is considerably shorter and within the embrace of the beautiful, Willamette Valley. Since our move, I have installed 6 trail cameras along the acreage. Most of which, consists of fallow fields of thistle, sedges, grasses, and hardwoods along native, riparian habitat of Baker Creek (albeit some invasive species that need extricating). I first caught this footage of a red lynx along the property back in September. But it was a ghost, slinking past the lens in the night fog, just a 3-second glimpse, revealing nothing but long, sturdy legs up to a slight waggle of the inked-tipped bobtail. In late October, I captured this footage of the lynx (bobcats are actually red lynx) hunting moles and screen captured one of the video frames to showcase its ruff and gorgeous face. Below is the video footage. The date is wrong, it reflects my failure to reset the date and time (filmed using a new CamPark camera). Enjoy! They are a delight to watch.