Wilderness Recovery in the Time of Corona

With global quarantines, stay-at-home orders, and less industry, wildlife are taking back the suddenly vacant urban spaces across the globe. Here is great article in The Guardian about how this small respite in human activity has bolstered wildlife (Singapore’s Small clawed otters), water quality (Venice canals), residential deer, coyotes, raccoons, etc.

On Whidbey, the coyotes are just ending their breeding season, as such, they have starred in all the infrared camera activity. The otters typically stop or slow down their latrine activity during this time, from January through April.

Lone Coyote,
All photos from March 2020
Coyote Breeding Pair, Admirals Lake, Whidbey Island
Surprised Coyote – Infrared Camera, Whidbey Island, Admirals Lake